Spread the Valentine's Day love with baked treats from the Bread Basket

If you're looking for the perfect way to tell your favorite Online Editor (ahem, moi) just how much her blog posts mean to you, look no further.

The Bread Basket Bakery (65 Spring St.) is offering tons of tasty Valentine's Day treats this year, they issued this press release today :

Saratoga Springs, NY, Feb 2, 2012 – The Bread Basket Bakery at 65 Spring Street in Saratoga Springs NY wants to transform the way people shop for Valentine’s Day. You want an interesting treat for your special someone? You will find it at The Bread Basket Bakery.

Matthew Tallman, co-owner of the bakery explains, “I don’t think flowers will ever fall from the number one item on the valentine’s shopping list, but I do think this can be a huge holiday for bakeries across the country.”

This year the Bread Basket Bakery has expanded their menu to decadent chocolate covered strawberries and sweetheart cake pops. These little treats are in addition to the heart shaped sugar cookies, gingerbread men (hugging a candy heart) and the unbelievable cupcakes they already offer such as The Love Buzz (dark chocolate cupcake filled with coffee mousse, topped with mocha buttercream and drizzled with bittersweet chocolate) and The Chocolate Covered Strawberry cupcake (moist yellow cupcake, filled with strawberry mousse, topped with strawberry buttercream and dipped in dark chocolate ganache). These items are offered individually or in package deals.

“The $25 packages were created for the people who want a sampler of goodies we offer at a reasonable price. When a customer orders a package they receive almost 20% off the individual item’s retail price. This is a great deal for them and it allows us to manage the inventory as we get closer to the holiday. As we know, most people are last minute shoppers!”

So what exactly is a sweetheart cake pop? We have learned that this heart shaped treat looks and appears to be just like a lollipop – but without the hard crunch, the tootsie or the bubble gum center. Inside these little gems is a moist cake of various flavor combinations mixed with real homemade buttercream frosting. In the end it’s dipped in white or milk chocolate and allowed to dry for packaging.

“Cake pops are becoming the next cupcake. More versatile, more personal, less expensive. Oh, and less calories!” says one of the pop maker’s Kelly Rice.

If you are looking for a unique gift option for your sweetheart, your employees, or even your loyal customers, stop by The Bread Basket Bakery for a treat they will be sure to remember. Order your Valentine’s pops by February 10th OR order 100 or more and get 10% off the pops!

Yum! Definitely more creative than flowers or lingerie and certain to put a smile on your valentine's face. Especially if your valentine is me.



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