Rumor mill: Brindisi's sold and Russo's moving in (but which Russo?)

We called Louis Brindisi to see if he had sold, and while he hasn’t confirmed the sale, it seems there may be something to rumors of a new restaurant named Russo’s moving in. (Editor's note: In a text to a Saratogian staffer this morning, Andy Brindisi, Louis' son, did confirm the sale)
Though some may recognize the Russo name from the popular Amsterdam eatery, don’t get the two confused. Amsterdam restaurant owner Mike Russo is emphatic that the Saratoga eatery will have no association with his establishment — besides the name, which he is not pleased to be sharing in the first place.
“I’m the original Russo,” he explained in a phone interview. “I own the Russo’s in Amsterdam. We’ve been here for years. It’s not the original Russo’s that’s opening there, it’s a lost family member.”
Russo did not give the name of the family member in question, but maintained that the two businesses are not, and will not be, related in any way. “They’re going to name it Russo’s, but it’s not part of the original,” he said.
Are you the other Russo? We want to talk to you about your plans, email news@saratogian.com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is this news? You have 0 facts. Your paper is officially a tabloid. I'm canceling my subscription. Good Job.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 8:28:00 AM 
Blogger Michael Russo said...

Teresa, thank you for the article. Here are some facts that may be useful for certain individuals with concerns. I purchased Russo's 4 years ago and I am the 3rd generation owner of Russo's Grill in Amsterdam. Before I purchased Russo's it was on a severe down slope and ready to close. I was approached by my Uncle Babe and Vince if I wanted to purchase the restaurant. After doing so, I completed renovated the building inside and out, and brought back it's original menu and added some of my own culinary dishes. We have been extremely successful from the time we bought it. Then came Hurricane Irene...which devastated us and forced us to close. We renovated everything all over again and finally reopened again this past November. Regardless, I have worked very hard and diligently to get to this part of my success. In addition to the original Russo's in Amsterdam I also own Russo's Adirondack Grill in Broadalbin, New York. Please feel free to Google some interesting sites, such as "Russos 90th Anniversary", "Russo's Hurricane Irene", "Russo's Gets back on it's feet". Since the flood we have had a lot of publicity from our local news stations, including News 6,10,13, YNN & Fox.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 5:36:00 PM 
Blogger Michael Russo said...

This family member whom had no interest in Russo's Grill and has never owned a restaurant has now decided to open his own Russo's. I call it, trying to capitalize on what I've worked hard to create and carry on as a successful eatery. Anyone who would like further information may feel free to reach me on by blog. Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 5:58:00 PM 

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