Farewell to another Saratogian business reporter

Man, I hate this. We said goodbye to another business Saratogian business reporter last week. Suzanna Lourie has left the newsroom and is embarking (soon) on a new career teaching in Costa Rica.

So, until we hire a new reporter (Interested? Send us your resume!) this blog will be on a bit of a hiatus. Assistant Managing Editor Betsy DeMars and I are going to try to throw as much news as we can in here, but please bear with us.

If you've got business news tips, please send them to news@saratogian.com.

Also, you can still follow Suzanna on twitter, @SuzannaKLourie. Hopefully she'll have another blog on our site soon, chronicling her adventures abroad.

Thanks for reading,

Emily Donohue
Online Editor


Blogger Suzanna K. Lourie said...

Hello Emily and all the In-the-Biz readers out there!

Things were so hectic during my last couple of weeks at the Saratogian that I never wrote the farewell post I meant to write for the Biz blog. Keeping a (mostly) regular blog with business news and tidbits from around the Saratoga area was one of the best parts of the job description. I had so much fun - mostly when I could out-blog my fellow City Desk blogger and co-worker Lucian McCarty (if you want to make him feel better, check out the City Desk here http://www.saratogacitydesk.blogspot.com/).

I will definitely be keeping a new Costa Rica blog, which will most likely be accessible via my website (still under major construction) at www.suzannalourie.com. I'll let Emily know when the first post comes out as well as the link to the blog - I hope some of you will embark on this next adventure with me. I'm really looking forward to writing more and keeping everyone at home up-to-date about the job, the school (www.tideacademy.com) and everything in-between.

Thank you all for reading!


Tuesday, January 03, 2012 10:40:00 PM 

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