Another shake-up on Broadway (** updated)

UPDATE: The owner of the building, Calvi, just returned an earlier call we placed to him to say the building has not yet been sold, the sale is not finalized.

Reporter Lucian McCarty and photographer Erica Miller just got back from Broadway where there's been another business shake-up.

Raina's and Pizza on Broadway are both out -- their building at 384 Broadway may be purchased has been purchased. The owner of Raina's confirmed that DZ Restaurants is the purchaser (well, she said it was Chianti's, but of course we know that DZ owns Chianti's, Forno and Pasta Pane).

Lorri Birmingham, owner of Raina's, says she plans to move just down the street into the former home of Zola Kids. No word on if or where Pizza on Broadway will find a new home.

Someone who answered the phone at DZ Restauants, but clammed up when she realized she was talking to a reporter, said a DZ is planning a new restaurant for the location.

What do you think? What kind of restaurant would you like to see in that primo location on Broadway? I'm getting hungry just thinking about it... or maybe I'm a bit overdue for lunch.

We'll have more on this later today, here's the story we've got so far. 

-- Emily


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