Netflix killed the video store

The Blockbuster in Wilton Saratoga Springs, the one tucked back near Wal-Mart, is on its way out.
An employee confirmed that the store is closing (so did the giant Store Closing sign out front) but she did not know when exactly.

She said they are no longer renting but DVDs are on sale, some at pretty deep discounts. Really bad news for employees, best of luck to them as they start job hunting.

My first reaction when I heard this news: There are still Blockbuster stores that are open?

I really thought they had all closed, but I guess not. (You may recall that in October 2010 the Movie Store in Ballston Spa closed and in May 2010 the Drive In Movie Store in Saratoga Springs closed).

I've been using a combination of streaming Netflix, Redbox and the public library for a while now and actually recently cancelled my cable, I think my video rental account (the former Hollywood Video in Glenville) was last used in 2010.

Are  you going to be affected by this closure? Will your Friday night plans suffer? Or, like me, had you give up on the video store long ago?



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