Dovegate Inn's 10th anniversary

Schuylerville’s Dovegate Inn is marking 10 years of operation this month.

The three-room inn and restaurant is located on one acre of land on Broad Street and is owned by lifelong village resident Ronalee Myers.

Myers, 59, says she always knew she wanted to open a bed and breakfast. As a child, however, she wouldn’t have guessed that she’d one day purchase the property owned by her best friend’s family, the Careys, where she spent long hours playing as a toddler.

Myers bought the Carey residence in May 1999 and converted it into an inn, gift shop and restaurant, opening in November that year. The restaurant has undergone the most changes in the last 10 years, Myers said. She managed both it and the inn simultaneously for the first year she was in business. After a temporary closing, she leased the restaurant to Randy Crocker for about eight years. This summer, he handed the reins over to chef Cara Fredricks and her partner, Steve Clark; they renamed it Kitchen at the Dovegate.

Throughout it all, Myers has been at the helm of the entire year-round operation, which attracts a crowd between May and October. She manages the Dovegate in conjunction with the Old Saratoga Motor Inn, which sits across the street and is owned by her friend, Jim Miers.

“It’s been a very interesting journey in the last 10 years,” Myers said with a laugh. “We’ve met some people from all walks of life, including some eccentric people and some who are now good friends.”

With multiple knee operations now limiting her activity, Myers said she has her eye on retirement by the time the Dovegate’s 20th anniversary rolls around. The inn is currently for sale.

“I forged ahead and I have enjoyed it very much,” she said. “I would love to find somebody that would love the building and the business as much as I do. If not, I’ll still be right here in another 10 years.”


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