Haute Mama closed

Haute Mama, the Church Street boutique known for its chic maternity clothing, has closed because the recession has hit home, its owner says.

Sarah Otto, a stay-at-home mom who opened Haute Mama in the summer of 2007, officially ended the store’s nearly 2-1/2 year run on Friday so she can step into the role of family breadwinner after a company buy-out recently cost her husband his job.

“It’s not really the direction I was planning on going,” Otto said last week. “I want to let people know that this wasn’t a reflection of the business, but it was for my family.”

Otto, who lives in Glens Falls with her husband and 5-year-old daughter, said her store was sustaining itself but she hadn’t been drawing a profit during the last year.

Now both Otto and her husband are looking for jobs.

“The part that is hardest is leaving and not being involved with the Saratoga business community,” Otto said. “I feel very sad that I won’t be a part of that (any longer). I thank everybody for all the support that they’ve given me.”

A note on the store’s Web site directs customers with outstanding gift certificates to leave a message at 691-0395.


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