UPDATED: Saratoga Health and Wellness opening with photos

The new Saratoga Health and Wellness center officially opens today.

The facility at 30 Gick Road has undergone months of renovation work to institute a completely new, original design scheme by owners Michael Lapolla and Nicholas Galuardi.

I wrote about the center in September, when Mike and Nick kindly showed
me around what was at that
point 7,200 square feet of dark,
dusty space — a cavernous shell
of a facility.

Now it's promised to be a bit lighter
and cozier, so I'd go over there
and check it out!

Saratoga Health and Wellness is a team of professionals, including Mike and Nick plus Erin Mattson and Rebecca Mahoney, that provides fitness, wellness, nutrition and exercise consulting services.

For more info, e-mail info@saratogahealthandwellness.com or call 306-6987.


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