SeekingSitters new to area

Lori Flynn doesn’t take chances when it comes to babysitters for her two children, ages 8 and 3.

It was with that concern for safety and security that Flynn, a New York City transplant, recently opened the Capital Region franchise of SeekingSitters, a national babysitting service with its own in-house private investigation company geared toward giving parents peace of mind.

“As a parent, it’s so important to know that who you’re leaving your children with is a safe person,” Flynn said. “That’s why I wanted to bring it to this area. I just thought it was a service that was definitely needed.”

SeekingSitters has a couple hundred franchise locations in more than a dozen states. Potential sitters and families who need a babysitter can use the extensive Web site to either apply for a job or join as a member. Both sitters and families are screened, and sitters are guaranteed to have CPR and first aid training, Flynn said. Her franchise serves families throughout the Albany and Saratoga region.

“We have a very small sitting team now, with about eight to 10 sitters. As the need grows every day, we bring on a new sitter,” said Flynn, who runs the business out of her home in Delmar.

Services start at $12.95 per hour for one child, plus a $39.99 sign-up fee.

For more information, call Flynn at 763-7335, or go to her franchise site.


Anonymous SaratogaDad said...

Wow, $13/hour for a minimum of 4 hours PLUS the $40 sign-up fee PLUS either a $8/month or $15/request service charge! Oh wait, there's the $30 cancellation fee if canceled within 48 hours and they don't guarantee a sitter if the request is made in less than 7 days. Wow, whoever started this busines must have been a bank president in another career. Good to see it's a service that can help harried, budget minded people who may have a change of plans at the last minute!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 5:06:00 PM 

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