Malta's Hyatt Place is green-certified

Efforts to reduce waste and conserve resources and energy at the Hyatt Place hotel in Malta have not gone unnoticed by international advocates for “green” lodging.

The hotel recently received a rating of three green leaves from Audubon International’s Green Leaf Eco-Rating program for hotels.

Hotels can apply to participate in an independent evaluation of their eco-efficiency performance, with their score providing a benchmark for future improvements and an appeal for “green”-minded travelers.

The Hyatt received 68 percent out of 100 percent in pollution prevention, 69 percent in both resource conservation and energy efficiency and 39 percent in environmental management.

The certification was made official in October, according to documents prepared by Audubon International.

The Hyatt is a forerunner to other lodges in the area that have recently signed on to another environmental incentive program called the New York State Green Hospitality Partnership, which is run by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Other local hotels currently in the certification process are the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa of Saratoga Springs, and 74 State Hotel and Crowne Plaza, both of Albany. The Saratoga Farmstead Bed & Breakfast has recently completed its certification.


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