Leaders of Leaders: How to Multiply Talent from the Inside Out

Saratoga Springs– As workers become increasingly mobile, global, and transient, executives and managers need to learn a new approach to getting the best out of their people.

​A feature article recently appeared in The Atlantic about this challenge. Titled, "Leaders of Leaders: How to Multiply Talent from the Inside Out," it focused in large part on Liz Wiseman, president of The Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development company, and author of such books as Rookie Smarts and Multipliers.

Liz's research has uncovered that today's leaders consist of a new cohort of more effective leaders made up of “multipliers” who tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of those around them and “diminishers” who sap rather than tap the intelligence and energy of those around them.

Garnet River LLC is a partner to Liz Wiseman and her company, The Wiseman Group, to deliver certified Multipliers services based on her years of research.

The Atlantic article reminds us that according to a survey by Right Management, only 10% of American employees defined career success as high performance and productivity. What was most important to them was work/life balance: 45% of respondents ranked it first. Perhaps unsurprisingly, two of the biggest motivations for employees wanting to change jobs were—wait for it—work/life balance and work culture, ahead of compensation and wanting more challenging assignments.

Culture trumps all, even salary. We believe that having an engaged workforce is central to a healthy
organizational culture.

 Says Garnet River's Jon Haverly, who himself is a certified Multipliers workshop leader, "Multipliers understand the need to utilize all the intelligence and capacity around them. As Woodrow Wilson once remarked, 'I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.' Not only do leaders need to engage others, but they also need to implement strategies to ensure their teams are sharing ideas amongst themselves."

 Therefore, through our assessments, workshops, and coaching services, we create...

 1. Organizations with a culture in which teams consider and collaboratively engage each other while
 working toward a common purpose;

2. Teams that fully utilize the strengths and collective intelligence of their members; and

3. Individuals who are motivated, mindfully engaged in their work, and aware of and aligned with the

goals of the organization

The essence of Multipliers, says Wiseman, is, "leaders who use their native intelligence…in a way that invites everyone else to play big."

By Greg Magin, director of marketing, Garnet River LLC


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