RateGator.com launches beta mortgage site from Saratoga Springs

Launch Is First Step in RateGator.com’s Goal to Empower Consumers with Tools and

Information to Transform the Way They Finance Their Homes

SARATOGA SPRINGS – RateGator.com announced the launch of its mortgage

site, offering free, unbiased estimates of the rates that consumers should be offered from banks

based on pricing and yield spread data from the secondary mortgage market; giving the borrower

a better understanding of how much room loan officers have to negotiate on rate.

In addition to giving consumers insights into banks’ real rock bottom prices, borrowers can set

their own mortgage terms with the help of the RateGator Build Your Offer tool. Borrowers use

the tool to set their preferred interest rate, term, down payment, and program type; their offer is

then made available to approved loan officers for acceptance. When building their offer,

borrowers create a profile with information like their credit score, income and price range. To

give borrowers an idea of what is a reasonable offer (meaning what is likely to be accepted by a

loan officer in their area), RateGator serves up a range based on offers made by borrowers with

similar financial statistics that have recently been accepted. If a borrower’s offer is accepted,

RateGator connects them with the loan officer that accepted their offer on the best terms. This

whole process is completed within hours of the borrower submitting an offer.

Finding this information on RateGator.com and submitting an offer is free, and does not require

anyone to enter any personal information until they are ready to be contacted by a loan officer.

RateGator’s business is advertising-based. Its consumer offering provides a platform for loan

officers to bid on borrower offers and advertise their services to consumers who are serious

about obtaining the most competitive financing rates and terms. Each loan officer is screened

before receiving RateGator approval and is subject to on-going review based on borrower


For more information, or to submit an offer to find the best rate for you, visit


About RateGator

RateGator launched its beta service in July 2015, with the goal of empowering consumers with

tools and information to transform how they finance their home. RateGator was started by

BrandXAds’ Chief Technology Officer – Brad Kriss- and its General Counsel – Shawn Murrane.


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