Garnet River LLC celebrates 15-year anniversary

Saratoga Springs firm has delivered technology solutions since 2000

Saratoga Springs – Garnet River LLC, a technology-driven professional services firm specializing in government and highly-regulated private sector industries, is excited to have reached its 15 year anniversary. In the sometimes turbulent world of professional services, Garnet River’s clients rely on their longevity and stability as a trusted partner to assist them in reaching their long-term goals.

“Garnet River is proud of its 15-year track record of organic growth and sustained profitability,” said owner and chief financial officer Carla Richards. “We have remained strong throughout the many changes in the economic climate and have significant plans to deliver substantial additional value to our clients and innovation to the industry.”

 Garnet River has built a reputation centered on quality and reliability. This commitment has resulted in exceptional customer loyalty and consistent repeat business. Says Ms. Richards, “We have great clients, most of whom send us repeat business on a regular basis. We have grown quietly without advertising or much in the way of marketing. We have a great story.”

That story began when the company was a go-to resale, delivery, and application development partner for several large IT hardware manufacturers. During those early days in their Albany, New York office, they also grew a substantial staffing and recruiting practice—a practice that today remains a cornerstone of their business. 

 In time, the company evolved to reflect the changing needs of its customers and the interests and strengths of its employees. Part of that evolution was a move to downtown Saratoga Springs in 2011 and with it, a renewed commitment to excellence and innovation. Today, Garnet River boasts a national client base that leans on the company for their expertise in information security, business intelligence and data analytics, IT infrastructure design, eDiscovery, and their robust commitment to custom application design and development services. 

Garnet River's in-house application development center, over the years, has developed several innovative products, including: Owl™, a data collection, reporting, and alerting application for hospitals; OwlSecure™, a network and security monitoring application and service; SEM™, a secure email plugin for Outlook™, and; ProdoPlan™, a large file share and collaboration application for builders and contractors. 

In direct response to both the needs of their customers and the interests of their employees, in recent years they have bridged the gap between technology and human resources by offering talent engagement, business planning, change management, and advisory services. 

“Some may say that we do a lot, maybe too much, but we consider our breadth to be a strength and a real differentiator. We have the peripheral vision that allows us to see, understand, and address challenges from many angles. This ability to bridge the divide between technology and business, between solutions and people, is well-received by our customers,” said company president Paul Gasparini. “Garnet River is proud to celebrate 15 years of excellence and 

"We would like to thank our many customers, partners, and perhaps most importantly our colleagues for the successes that Garnet River has achieved in the past 15 years," said Ms. Richards. "Our customers’ success is, and will continue to be, our success.”


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