No-Cost Home Energy Audits Now Available in Albany

ALBANY>> Serving homeowners in the Greater Albany, NY and surrounding areas, True Building Performance is providing free or reduced cost home energy audits for eligible residents. The company is committed to helping people make their homes as energy efficient as possible. It also reminds people energy audits can also be done in the summer as well as in the winter.  For eligible residents, the State of New York will pay for the audit.  Audit funds are available on a first-come first-serve basis and are said to run out in the next 12 months. 
According to the company, most people don’t know how energy inefficient their home is. The ENERGY STAR® Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment begins with a visual inspection. A professional Energy Consultant then conducts health and safety tests. They check for gas leaks; insulation efficiency and air leakage using the blower door test. Afterwards they discuss possible home performance improvements with the homeowner. 
True Building Performance is able to offer various incentives through a partnership with the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA). These include the free energy audit, which people can sign up for on the company’s website. New Yorkers can also receive 10% off select energy improvement services. Depending on income, homeowners can get 50% off eligible energy improvement measures, with a cost-saving benefit of up to $5,000.  Free programs are available for very low income homeowners who qualify.
Homeowners can also connect with NYSERDA’s financing options, with loan rates as low as 3.49%. Options include an On-Bill Recovery Loan, where payments are made through one’s utility bill, and a Smart Energy Loan with various repayment options to a NYSERDA loan servicer. The program helps homeowners pay for the upfront cost of any energy efficiency improvements.
A BPI GoldStar Contractor and ENERGY STAR Qualified Assessor, True Building Performance also makes it easy to schedule energy efficiency audits. Homeowners can contact them via an online form. Instead of pressuring one into a sale, the contractor focuses on educating homeowners and only makes "unbiased" home energy improvement recommendations. 
In addition, the company works with a variety of insulation, HVAC, and other contractors. It therefore plays a solid project management role. Access to free energy audits, cost incentives and reduced wait times are just a few reasons homeowners should consider working with True Building Performance this summer. 
To learn more about the contractor, home energy efficiency audits, and home energy improvement incentives in NY State, go to http://truebuildingperformance.com/
About True Building Performance
True Building Performance specializes in home energy efficiency assessments and improvements in Albany, NY and the surrounding area. The company is a BPI GoldStar Contractor and ENERGY STAR Qualified Assessor. Employing professional contractors, it helps homeowners make cost-saving decisions and provides access to government incentives and low-interest loans. Owner, founder, and operator Paul Mendel has a construction management degree from HVCC, is a new home builder, active real estate investor and a professional energy consultant.  He is a lifelong resident of Albany, NY.  


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