Chequed.com Helps Herbalife Make Healthy Gains in Sourcing and Hiring Quality Employees to Support Growth

New case study shows that in first 10 weeks, Chequed.com helped global nutrition leader save 165 recruiter hours, mitigate nearly $425K in risk, and gain more than 100 new prospects through candidate reference checking

Saratoga Springs, NY – Chequed.com, the leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection™ technology, helped global nutrition company Herbalife save 165 recruiter hours, mitigate nearly $425,000 in risk, and generate more than 100 new candidates in the first 10 weeks that the company used its innovative online reference-checking solution, according to a new case study released today.

With nearly 8,000 employees worldwide, Herbalife provides nutrition, weight management, energy fitness and personal care products to members in more than 90 countries. Amid the need to rapidly expand employment to support double-digit growth projected over the next 5 years, the company turned to Chequed.com to help streamline and modernize its recruitment and hiring process.

Chequed.com’s online reference-checking technology helped Herbalife’s HR team significantly reduce the time it spent while checking more references. Recruiters saved 165 work hours in just 10 weeks while, on average, checking 5 references per candidate – enabled by an 84 percent reference completion rate, most of which were done in less than a day. At the same time, 24 percent of all references “opted-in” to learn about job opportunities at Herbalife. This generated well over 100 new candidates – at least one from each candidate reference checked – and allowed the company to tap into the highly sought-after but difficult-to-reach market of passive job seekers.

Chequed.com has become an invaluable resource and partner for Herbalife,” said Brandon Moreno, Director of Global Talent Acquisition for Herbalife. “The online reference-checking solution was easy to implement, customizable and flexible. Both our talent and hiring teams are seeing great benefit by using Chequed.com’s technology in terms of saving time, yielding better references, and building a reputable and solid talent pipeline.”

“We are delighted to have assisted Herbalife in building a world-class workforce to support the company’s exciting growth,” said Greg Moran, President and CEO of Chequed.com. “This partnership underscores the value of Chequed.com’s data-driven, cloud-based HR technology, which is helping organizations save time and money while sourcing and hiring premier employees that will ultimately improve corporate performance."

The case study also showed that Chequed.com’s technology helped Herbalife mitigate nearly $425,000 in hiring-related risks, averting salary costs by not hiring candidates who received sub-par references, and avoiding turnover costs by hiring candidates who received strong references.

Chequed.com’s proprietary technology integrates innovative software with behavioral science to enable data-driven sourcing and analysis of candidates throughout all phases of the hiring process, from employee assessment and online reference checking to candidate interviewing and talent recruitment.

To view the full case study, click here.


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