The Niche Gallery is moving on

Niche News
Change is in the Air

The Niche Gallery will be closing at the end of March. We have outgrown our lovely little niche and are looking for a space to accommodate a gallery and studios.  

We will continue our Art Allies program while we are in transition so there will still be opportunities for artists to show their work.  Lisa Miller owner of Studio di Luce and creator of the Foal Project will be taking over the space.  We wish her great success!  

Thank you to all for making this an amazing 2 years!

* * * *  

CHristine's Butterfly
Christine Hook
Please join us 
Friday, March 13th 
5 to 8 pm 
for our 
Closing Reception
If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies

* * * *  

Now showing at the Niche
From Maine to Montepulciano
Photographs by David and Steven Aimone

Also happening Friday, March 13
Meet Morgan Malone, author of 
"An After 50 Dating Memoir"

Fairy Tree


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