7 Year Itch Hits Local Chocolate Company in a National Way

Barkeater Chocolates, located in North Creek – a snowball’s throw away from Gore Mountain, is gearing up for their 7th Anniversary this April. Seven years of making chocolate confections. Seven years of growth. Seven years of economic fits and starts. And they’re looking to expand again.
Since opening the chocolate company in 2008, Barkeater Chocolates has grown from a 2-day operation in a shared space agreement with North Creek bakery, Café Sarah, to a full time operation with a factory store on Route 28 in North Creek that’s open 7 days a week.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, Barkeater Chocolates will be bringing back their Giant Easter Egg Truffles. Deb Morris, Co-Owner of Barkeater Chocolates says, “The Giant Easter Egg truffles debuted in 2009 when we were making our truffles to the order.  Now, we start making our Easter confections immediately after Valentine’s Day.” Morris also adds, “Seven years ago, we didn’t envision being in hundreds of retailers up and down the east coast and beyond. Today, we’re excited for our next steps – working with distributors and larger companies to expand beyond the eastern US.”
The 7 Year Itch is hitting Barkeater Chocolates in a big way. Jim Morris, Co-Owner says, “We moved into this location 18 months ago. We outgrew it 5 minutes after we unloaded the last box.”  Barkeater Chocolates isn’t looking to move again just yet; they have other plans in the works. Jim says, “We put in an education room in 2014 and now we’re looking to put in a demo kitchen so people can get a true personal experience when they visit.”  While Barkeater has entertained groups such as Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, summer camp participants and high school students, they are looking to create a more permanent demo kitchen within their existing framework.
While plans are underway, Barkeater Chocolates will continue to crank out the 1.25 lb. Easter Eggs the minute the last foil heart is wrapped. For more information, check out the Barkeater website, barkeaterchocolates.com or visit them at 3235 State Route 28 in North Creek.


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