Price Chopper has a new name

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SCHENECTADY>> A local company announced Tuesday that it will be changing its name and rebranding itself for the future.  

Generations to come won’t know Price Chopper, at least under that name.

Shoppers will visit instead visit Market 32, the new title the business’ executives have chosen.

“Market 32” is meant to modernize and enhance the shopping experience for customers. It is also supposed to help the chain sound less like a discount shop, and more like a high quality grocery store.

The number in the new title is a reminder of the company's extensive history, which began in November of 1932 when the Public Service Market opened in Green Island. This was followed by a second store in Schenectady called Central Market, from which the other part of the new name is derived.

The name and logo change will take several years, estimated at 8 or 9, for the switch to be fully completed. This includes revamping 135 stores.

Market 32 stores will begin rolling out across the chain’s six-state footprint this spring. First on the list are store locations in Clifton Park, Wilton and Pittsfield, Mass. The first ground up Market 32 will be built in Sutton, Mass. beginning Wednesday.

The endeavor will cost more than $300 million, the company shared Tuesday at a press conference held at the company’s headquarters in Schenectady.


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