Underneath at Steamer 10 Theatre

October 23rd and 24th - 7:30pm, Steamer 10 Theatre, Albany

Two Nights only!

Underneath, a new multi-media performance gives a rare glimpse into the dynamic inner worlds of teenage girls.  The piece, based on the stories of local teenage girls, explores a range of topics; body image issues, self-acceptance, sexuality, gender, feminism, love, rape, empowerment and much more. Underneath weaves theatre, film and photography together immersing the audience in imagery and stories that often go untold.    

Noelle Gentile the play’s creator and co-director says, “This piece was conceived out of the emerging theatre artists' desire to be heard and seen in their most authentic form.  We hope the audience finds pieces of themselves in the words of these courageous young women.”

Underneath' is the embodiment of a group of female voices, rising up as one voice, to declare: We are here even when you don't want us to be present. We are strong even when we've been told to feel weak. We refuse to be silenced, even when you'd rather we keep quiet. Listen to our stories. Listen to women.” Allison Lerman-Gluck, the play’s co-director & co-writer.

“While initially writing my story was a huge sigh of relief, seeing it done on stage was one of the most liberating experiences I have known.” Rosara Sanders, age 17.

 “It’s real and scary and it makes me really, really proud to be a part of it. Anyone who comes and sees this is going to relate with something they never said out loud.  It’s honest theater… the kind that most people never get to see.” - Tyaela Nieves, age 18.

Over the past few years Noelle Gentile, the Albany and Brooklyn based social justice theater artist has produced community theater pieces that address: workers’ rights, climate change and natural disasters, and Female Veterans’ adjustment to life after the military.  Underneath is an extension of her recent work with high school boys’ and girls’ experiences of self in the play titled “Identity Project” performed at Capital Repertory Theatre and Albany High this past spring.

Darian Henry, 21, the play’s co-director, director of the film component and a collaborator on prior projects says, “The connection you have to your actors and audience is much more direct so you really have to value the time you spend in rehearsals to perfect your message. Unlike film, you only have one shot. You can’t rewind or fast forward. I’ve built strong, deep connections with the people I have created this play with… It has been a very emotional experience for me.”

The play’s content, scripted by Amelia Whalen, Noelle Gentile, and Allison Lerman-Gluck was co-written by the actors themselves. Direction by Noelle Gentile, Allison Lerman-Gluck and Darian Henry.  Contributing writers are Ejaniia Clayton, Imani Peterkin, Rozara Sanders, Anna Dempf, Kathleen Keane, Samarri Thomas, Brianna Carter, Sara Popp, Daveisha Richards, Vaughn O'Connor, Darian Henry, Tyaela Nieves, Allison Lerman Gluck, La'Asia Evans, Maya Suchak, Wisdom Johnson & Emily Ha.

Warning: for mature audiences only.
$8 Suggested Donation. To reserve a ticket, 518.438.5503info@steamer10theatre.org, or online at www.steamer10theatre.org 

This community theater piece was funded by the Troy Arts Center (NYSCA) Grant, and its fiscal sponsor is the Albany Social Justice Center.
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