New Soft Drink to be Bottled in Saratoga County

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VICTORY MILLS>> Victory Cola, LLC, a Maryland start-up company, has announced plans to locate a bottling plant in one of New York’s smallest villages, Victory Mills.  The company, which intends to re-purpose an existing industrial building to make soda pop, is developing the first USDA-certified 100% organic cola.  The soft-drink, which will be called Victory Cola, will be the first cola in the super-premium category and will be the only soda in the world that will be kept cold from bottling until the point of purchase.

Displaying alex (2).jpgThe idea is the brainchild of Alex Coffin, a recent graduate of the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.  Coffin, a semi-finalist for a Thiel 20-under-20 Fellowship, spent his early childhood in Saratoga Springs and is eager to return to the area.  “I want to bring good paying jobs to the Victory Mills and Schuylerville communities,” said Coffin.  “My family has been in the Saratoga area since 1775. And although we've seen Saratoga Springs, just a few miles away, experience a rebirth since the 1970s, the recession never left Schuylerville and Victory Mills.”

Capital One Bank recently recognized Victory Cola as a promising new venture and awarded the company a small grant.   The company expects that the new business will initially employ about a dozen workers, not including the local carpenters and tradesmen who will be needed in renovating and refitting the new plant.  Victory Cola is in the process of raising seed money as part of a Kickstarter campaign.  You can read more about the company at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/victorycola/making-the-worlds-best-cola-and-remaking-a-communi

Victory Cola will be made using the legendary waters of Saratoga, real fruits, pure spices and organic cane sugar.  The soft drink will contain no artificial ingredients and will be sold in glass bottles – no cans, no plastic, no chemicals.


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