Local business owner hopes to create National Quesadilla Day, Nov. 5

A letter from Dan Frament, owner of Muddaddy Flats quesadillary on Third Street in Troy:

A recent discussion led to the discovery, there is no National Quesadilla Day. With all the vast and various food days throughout the year, this one has escaped notoriety.
Quesadillas have been used by many restaurants as a format for specials all around the city, which demonstrates its versatility. Forever being relegated to an appetizer menu or used as an occasional special, quesadillas are a bridesmaid in the food world. I believe it is time the bridesmaid became the bride.
I am working with the BID to declare November 5th as National Quesadilla Day. It starts at the local level and with community support can be driven upward. Starting here in Troy, we can reach untold heights due to the tremendous talent that exists here.
The date of November 5th was chosen because it is half way to Cinco De Mayo. Just as there are celebrations of the halfway mark to St. Patrick’s, I think it could be a fun marketing item.
I am asking Troy restaurants to join me in creating National Quesadilla Day. Break out your creativity and present a special quesadilla for the day. I’m looking to create an event that will showcase the vast talent that exists here in Troy with everyone using the same format.
If you’re willing to be in on the day, please respond to this email so that all participants can be named in press releases. I would like to demonstrate how a community can come together.
One day. One theme. Finally a bridesmaid gets to shine and we are the spotlights.

Thanks for your support,
Dan Frament
Muddaddy Flats


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