In Focus Brands Signs 100th StartUp Agreement with Autonomy Distributors

In Focus Brands, the branded go-to-market experts and creatively practical business

accelerator, has signed their 100th accelerator, has signed their 100th

 startup agreement with Autonomy Distributors to create a new US Exporting Division. Part of the agreement includes naming Robert Manasier as

interim COO (US) and In Focus Brands as the operational and strategic lead launch team.

This announcement comes on the heels of In Focus Brands’ national expansion

involvement with the makerspace, Tech Valley’s Center of Gravity, and a series of small

business funding initiatives and acceleration projects to existing businesses.

Autonomy Distributors is a twenty-year old international distributor, consultancy and

reseller that is creating a new distribution model to assist small businesses and US

manufacturers to capitalize on the growing consumer marketplace overseas.

Autonomy Distributors’ spokesperson, Tara Lin, announced: “Bob (Manasier) and his team

were the perfect choice to lead our operational build out. His attention to detail, branded

systems creation expertise and strong grasp of the marketplace fits our needs as we create

a US presence. After our first conversation, we were confident and comfortable with the

knowledge-base, experience, resources and networks available to us through In Focus


Robert Manasier stated: “After many months of research and time together, I feel the

go-to-market team both here in the states and overseas are very cohesive, focused and

collaborative. I cannot wait to bring these services to manufacturers and small businesses.

The paradigm shift in thinking of sales, distribution, markets and reach through Autonomy

will add revenue streams to saturated regional markets for the right products without

adding resource drain to these small businesses and manufacturers.”

Autonomy will announce its first vertical product line in the coming month plus their

unique business model which will put cash and sales into their suppliers’ bottom line

without any added resources needed. This true turnkey solution will be unique to exporting

and overseas business which has always been the hurdle for most smaller US firms.

Robert Manasier commented further: “Autonomy is truly a scalable business that our

services can accelerate to market. It is the perfect partner to add to our roster of clients

since moving products and services is a key part to sustaining any business. It fits our

mission of bringing quality services and products to and from Main Street USA.”

 StartUp Agreement with Autonomy Distributors

 startup agreement with Autonomy Distributors to create

A series of overseas meetings are scheduled this Fall to tighten up the distribution

points and to begin the training of the on-the-ground distributors to position the product

lines. Logistics, warehousing, suppliers and operations in the US are being created and

implemented. A search for a national headquarters and a US CEO is in process.

 # # #

Autonomy Distributors is a 20 year old distribution service and consultancy with deep

overseas networks, a growing supply chain and logistics operation in the USA and

a turnkey solution to bring small business products to consumers across the globe.

US headquarters are being researched currently with its website under construction.

Please connect to Autonomy at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/5094565?



In Focus Brands (www.infocusbrands.com) is a branded consultancy and acceleration

agency that focus on CREATIVELY PRACTICAL brand solutions that realize revenue.

Their unique branded business model approach significantly enhances the potential

opportunities and business development for our clients. Our integrated storylines create real

and relevant brands to the marketplace.


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