Saratoga Chamber launches online petition asking Amtrak to allow bikes on certain trains

Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce Amtrak

The Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce has launched an online petition that urges Amtrak President Joe Boardman to permit bikes on trains between New York City and Canada.

The Saratoga Chamber and others along the various Amtrak rail lines between New York City and Canada have for years been seeking Amtrak's cooperation with this effort. The goal is to provide upstate communities with a new and environmentally friendly way to promote themselves as tourist destinations to the millions of people that are connected by the passenger rail lines between New York City and Canada, such as the 10 million people living in the city and in Montreal. The chamber's Vice President for Tourism Annamaria Bellantoni was recently in New York City’s Penn Station for the NY by Rail Expo, promoting train travel to Saratoga and handing out information about this petition.

County and local elected officials along with a wide range of nonprofit organizations across Saratoga County and beyond have been working diligently for years to create outstanding hiking and cycling trails to attract visitors and tourists as well as for the benefit of area residents. The City of Saratoga Springs, for instance, has created the Spring Run Trail and the Railroad Run Trail, which will soon link directly to new trails in the Saratoga Spa State Park. The city eventually hopes to have a 20+ mile greenbelt trail in and around Saratoga that will connect with trails across Saratoga County in Moreau, Wilton, Malta, Ballston Spa, Halfmoon, Schuylerville, Mechanicville, Milton and Clifton Park.

"Lakes to Locks Passage encourages travelers to use many modes of transportation--biking, boating, hiking and riding the train,” said Janet Kennedy, executive director of Lakes to Locks Passage. “Amtrak baggage cars for bikes will make the region a destination for bicyclists, a proven market to showcase local culture and heritage, and support our local businesses and services." 

Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce members offer an online petition to sign and share with friends, neighbors, coworkers, employees and everyone else who supports this effort: https://www.change.org/petitions/tell-amtrak-president-joe-boardman-to-allow-bikes-on-trains-between-new-york-city-and-canada



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