Schuylerville Subway supports the high school Robotics Team


Sunday, June 2, Subway Restaurant on Route 29 across from the Schuylerville High School will donate 10 percent of all sales to the school’s For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Team.

FIRST Robotics Teams design, build, program and compete with a unique robot each year. Frisbee-throwing was this year’s official challenge. Annually, the clubs face a new trial that might involve basketball-bouncing or stacking inner tubes on posts. The competition emphasizes team cooperation in the building stage and even at the competitions.

Nonprofit FIRST designates official part kits, which include batteries, servos, motor controllers and joysticks. Teams must buy the kits, as well as pay for insurance, entrance fees and travel expenses. Entrance fees start at $5,000 per team per event, which is why grants, sponsors and donors are so key to this high school club.

“If you are in the Schuylerville area, please stop by our local Subway and help support Schuylerville Robotics Team,” said club secretary and treasurer Diane Tompkins. “Thanks to everyone for the continued help.”



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