Gaffney’s and Saratoga Springboard team up to support Saratoga Mentoring

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 Saratoga Springboard, a group of young professional volunteers dedicated to empowering Saratoga County nonprofits has teamed up with Saratoga Mentoring to enhance community programs. Saratoga Mentoring is a program deeply rooted in Saratoga Springs that has been providing services to youth in challenging circumstances for more than 20 years.

Saratoga Springboard will host a fundraising dinner at Gaffney’s Restaurant on Wednesday, May 15. The restaurant has generously agreed to donate 20 percent of the proceeds from all dining room purchases until 10 p.m.

In working with past project partners such as Caffé Lena, Franklin Community Center and Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation, Saratoga Springboard has provided signature fundraising events that the agencies themselves carry out in subsequent years.

“This year, our focus is a bit different,” said Alysa Arnold, founding member and Saratoga Springboard vice president.

The group will be working to raise awareness and establish a marketing plan that coincides with an annual appeal to the community, which Saratoga Mentoring will execute. At the same time, they are looking for unique opportunities to increase funding.

“We are so glad to have the support of Gaffney’s in our mission,” Arnold said.  

Through their partnership, Saratoga Mentoring will unveil a new logo, launch a social media campaign to better connect with the community and educate the public about its mission, with the ultimate goal of raising needed funds.

“Saratoga Mentoring is truly remarkable—the volunteers there care for the entire family unit, not just the children enrolled in the program,” said Betsy Boland, founding member and Saratoga Springboard president. “They take extreme care to ensure all the needs of the family are met. It is inspiring to witness, and I wish more people were aware of the amazing opportunities the nonprofit provides.”

To learn more about Saratoga Mentoring’s partnership with Saratoga Springboard, visit saratogaspringboard.com or facebook.com/saratogaspringboard. For reservations at Gaffney’s, call 587-7359.



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