FingerPaint Marketing plans announcement next week

Colorful advertising firm FingerPaint Marketing, which has been hunting for new office space, will make an announcement next week, according to agency partner Ed Mitzen.

Spa City rumors have placed FingerPaint in the old Borders building on Broadway, but Mitzen said he could not confirm any final decision yet. The agency has been considering several area locations.

“We have been looking more space for a while,” he said. “We haven’t signed anything yet.”

Started during the bleak economy of 2008 by Mitzen and partners Jaime Butler-Binley,­ Patrick O’Shea, and Andy Pyfer, FingerPaint has been expanding steadily. The agency has 42 employees at present and is advertising for five more to fill such positions as project management team member and creative team member—design. Mitzen estimates his firm will have 50 staff members by year’s end.

“We are adding positions as we bring on more client work,” he said. Current clients include the Adirondack Trust Company, Budweiser, Drake Laboratories, and United Way. The agency has grown from $4.3 million in revenue in 2011 to $6 million thus far in 2012.

FingerPaint currently occupies Suite 414 of The Lofts at 18 Division Street, a Bonacio Construction project completed in 2008. The agency’s office philosophy foregoes individual offices and job titles, according to Mitzen, who is identified among his staff under the job designation of  “marketing strategy.” Butler-Binley is “creative.”

On the agency’s Web site, the staff displays its annual fingerpainting shoots, where all the employees take gallons of paint and decorate canvases, a papered floor, and each other’s white T-shirts. FingerPaint will assuredly make good, creative use of its new space, wherever it will be.



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