Broadway to shift lane during Bonacio constructio

Broadway will retain all four lanes throughout the erection of Bonacio Construction’s newest building at 422 Broadway. The lane in front of the job will shift over Broadway, according to Tony Bonacio, who oversees landscaping for the family business.

“The east lane will shift out into the road there, and so will the sidewalk,” he said. “Our neighbors on Broadway are satisfied with this, and we hope the shift will make very little impact on downtown traffic.”

The shift is necessary since the sidewalk is the only staging area for the job, he said. The old sidewalks will be replaced by new radiant-heat ones.

The city and the fire department have approved Bonacio’s traffic plan, which will be put in place Oct. 23 and remain in effect until mid-May 2013. By then, the neighboring restaurants will be able to set up their patios, and all the nearby businesses will be able to operate as usual. The construction company is trying to minimize disruption as it creates its latest building, Bonacio said. For example, water service was installed during the night.

“We want to make as little impact as possible during the construction of this beautiful building located right in the middle of town,” he said. “We are very appreciative of everyone’s patience.”



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