Northshire Bookstore plans to move into new Bonacio building

As promised, here's our Northshire Books scoop:

By Jennie Grey

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The city is one page closer to a new bookshop. Tuesday, Northshire Books signed a letter of intent to move into 422 Broadway, the Bonacio building under construction between Cantina and Lillian’s restaurants. Northshire plans to occupy 9,000 square feet on both the ground floor and the second floor.
All this depends upon obtaining funds, however, according to Chris Morrow, the owner of Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vt.
“The plan is contingent upon raising enough money to make it happen,” he said. “I have only a short amount of time.”
Morrow said the financial process is going well, but he is hoping to get more people interested in being involved. Although he is exploring several avenues, he is hoping particularly for more private investors.

He has been eying possible locations in Saratoga for nearly a year, with most rumors placing Northshire in the former Borders building on Broadway. Morrow confirmed that he had considered renting the first floor of that space.
“The 422 Broadway location is a nicer space, though,” he said. “It’s new construction, so I can fix up the store the way I want to. The landlords are local, which is important to me. And now there is plenty of parking.”
The new building will be located on what was a small parking lot but a four-level parking garage was recently completed on Woodlawn Avenue.
Morrow said Saratoga won out as the location for Northshire’s second location due to its proximity to local colleges and its walkable downtown. The flagship Manchester, Vt. location will remain open.
“Saratoga is a great city,” Morrow said. “It deserves a great bookstore.”
A confirmation of the plan will come by year’s end, he said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really too bad they could not use the Borders building, though it is of course still great news. What's this about a candy shop? Does Saratoga really need a second one when it has a really great one already?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 1:50:00 PM 

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