Two local women launch new integrated marketing firm with specialty in horse racing; Tropic Hut restaurant reopens

Local ladies create new, multi-level marketing firm

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Two local entrepreneurs, Diana Pikulski and Jacqueline Basha recently joined forces to form the Pikulski Basha Group LLC., a Saratoga Springs-based integrated marketing and business development firm.

The company will work with corporate, non-profit and individual partners to offer counseling services and help clients advance public policy initiatives, improve government and community relations, perform program analyses and much more.

The Pikulski Basha Group will pay homage to its Saratoga roots with a strategic specialty in working with clients in the horse racing and equine industries. As the former head of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Pikulski is no stranger to the thoroughbred business. One of Pikulski’s goals with the new firm is to help combine local partners with established clients in the horse racing, business and entertainment worlds in order to create integrated marketing plans focusing on local venues. 

Between her career as an attorney and her 15 years of leadership as executive director for the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Pikulski was named one of the 25 most influential women in the racing industry by the Thoroughbred Times. With her new marketing firm, Pikulski plans to continue working on promotion and fundraising for the Retirement Foundation, which she helped create over 30 years ago.

Pikulski’s local racing expertise will be complemented by Basha’s extensive business and multimedia experience. Basha has worked as a TV and radio producer and for the past 20 years, Basha has been running her own public relations and advertising agency working with clients from California, Florida, New York and Massachusetts. Like Pikulski, Basha has also worked with racetracks and gaming industries throughout her career.

In a recent statement, Basha expressed her excitement about the partnership with Pikulski — “With our combined experience, we are committed to establishing successful models for business and marketing strategies suited for evolving racing, gaming and entertainment venues.”

The Pikulski Basha Group will initially launch with three office locations in Saratoga Springs, New York City and South Florida.

For more information visit, www.pbgmarketing.com

Tropic Hut Restaurant Reopens after over a year

SARATOGA SPRINGS — According to a sign outside the Bayshore Tropic Hut and Marina located at 550 Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs, the Tropic Hut restaurant is reopen for business after over a year of closed doors. A member of the Saratogian's advertising team also confirmed this bit of biz news, but I haven't yet been able to contact owner John Ambrozak as the phone number listed on the restaurant's website (www.bayshorestropichut.com) is out of service.

I did, however, find another number for Ambrozak so I should have his statement within the next few hours. All signs point to a grand reopening and for those looking for dining options on the lake, this is certainly cause for celebration!


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