Saratoga Springs man on his way to international success with Vermont Peanut Butter Co.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Springs native Chris Kaiser was recently honored for the success of his new enterprise, the Vermont Peanut Butter Company.

Kaiser received an exclusive invite to speak alongside Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice ream, at the Best of Vermont Distributor show at the Killington Grand Resort and Hotel in Vt.

The invitation reaffirmed Kaiser’s recent success in the premium food business. Although Vermont Peanut Butter Co. is just two years old, the company has grown more than 500 percent since its inception and continues to expand monthly. In recent news, the company was awarded a national Whole Foods account and contracts to be featured on the sets of NBC, FOX and CBS for the upcoming shows — Glee, NCIS, Californication, Two and a Half Men and 10 more.

Like Ben & Jerry’s, Vermont Peanut Butter had humble beginnings as a small start-up business operated from a garage space and eventually expanding into a full factory.

On August 11, Kaiser spoke with Cohen at the Best of Vermont Distributor show in Killington. Each shared their stories about the challenges, setbacks and ultimate success of starting a Vermont-based premium food company and expanding it nationally. The two entrepreneurs discussed the values of community involvement, socio economic responsibility and maintaining a positive attitude that have helped them succeed.

Kaiser’s Vermont Peanut Butter Company is quickly becoming another renowned specialty food business started in Vermont, which many critics are calling the “next” Ben & Jerry’s of peanut butter.

The company currently sells 13 (soon to be 17) varieties of healthy and uniquely flavored peanut and almond butters. The products are now sold in over 700 stores across 13 countries. Another eerie Ben & Jerry’s similarity — Kaiser is currently manufacturing Vermont Peanut Butter out of the same 4,000 square foot in Waterbury, Vt., where Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield originally started making Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Sounds like this business-savvy Saratoga Springs native could be on his way to some very tasty international success.

For more information visit, www.vtpeanutbutter.com


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