Lisa Alden hopes to empower women with the opening of her new lingerie boutique on Broadway

Last Friday I posted about a new lingerie boutique that is hosting a sneak peak event on Friday, July 22. Here is a little more about Fiat Feminae and its ambitious owner Lisa Alden. Read on to find out all about Alden's upcoming preview events and parties!

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Three years ago, Saratoga native Lisa Alden dreamed of making the women of Saratoga feel sexy. This August, Alden’s vision will come to life with the opening of her new Fiat Feminae Lingerie boutique at 489 Broadway.

After receiving an overwhelming response from women in the community following a June preview event, Alden, who graduated Saratoga Springs High School in 1998, decided to run with the idea in her hometown.

“I got inundated with emails and phone calls from women asking me to open in Saratoga saying there was no place to shop outside of Victoria’s Secret” Alden said. “I realized then this was a sign and I decided to go with it.”

Part of Alden’s vision was to bring her boutique to Broadway because she pointed out that there is no place besides Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood for women to shop for intimate wear between here and Albany.

“You get bored with the basic colors you see in Victoria’s Secret and in my opinion, some of the Frederick’s stuff is cheaply made,” Alden said of the idea behind Fiat Feminae. “I wanted to bring in something you would see and go, ‘Wow,’ where the collections and the colors would pop and it almost makes you feel the sensuality just by looking at it. It’s sophisticated and classy, but has an edgy sexiness to it.”

Fiat Feminae will carry exclusive European collections as well as designer brands featured on the hit CW TV show Gossip Girl. The shop will feature items like intimate wear, teddies, chemises, hosiery and a line of Fiat Feminae corsets designed by Alden herself.

Beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 22, Alden will open the boutique for a “first peak” event where guests will be able to preview some of the products and undergarment lines that Fiat Feminae will carry. Following the sneak peak event Alden will also host a Cocktail and Corsets event that evening at Duo Lounge at 175 South Broadway. The event kicks off with a 9 p.m. cocktail hour followed by a DJ performance during a fashion show where models will preview Fiat Feminae’s chic collections.
Alden, who lives in Saratoga Springs with her fiancé and two children, somehow finds time to balance her corporate career managing a payroll company with her passion for lingerie design. But down the line, Alden said she hopes to leave the corporate world in order to focus on her new business.

Meanwhile, Alden hasn’t let her busy schedule slow her down as she prepares for a very grand entrance onto the Broadway retail scene. In addition to the sneak peak and cocktail party this weekend, Alden is also planning several special events for Fiat Feminae’s official grand opening on Friday, August 5. That day, each guest who walks in the door will receive a free gift bag complete with a free gift from the store and after regular business hours, there will be a champagne inspired “Bustiers and Bubbles” official launch party at Duo.
One thing is sure, Alden is helping pave the way for Saratoga women of all ages, shapes and sizes to own their sensuality and walk with confidence. 

“I feel that women are too often made to feel bad about wanting to dress a little sexy and feel good about themselves — they should dress however they want,” Alden said of her mission with Fiat Feminae.
“I want all women to feel good — I want them to try on the collections and leave knowing they have something that will make them feel good, sexy and confident whenever they wear it.”



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