Tushita Heaven opening Friday

SARATOGA SPRINGS Boxes of exquisite imported jewelry, artwork and other goods line the walls of Tushita Heaven, Saratoga's latest arts and wellness boutique located on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street.

The door was open and the giant gold and emerald Buddha statues caught my eye so I strolled in to have a look early Wednesday morning.

"We're not officially open for business until Friday," said owner Dawn Hall. "We're still receiving shipments."

Hall said that the shop's products are coming in from all corner of the globe: India, Nepal, Thailand, China and even some from right here in the US.

After speaking with Dawn again today, I realized I made a tiny error in my first post announcing the arrival of Tushita Heaven Wellness Center.
Turns out the shop won't be offering its wellness and spa services, which include psychic readings, hypnosis and spiritual counseling at least not right away.

"A lot of people have already been asking for the wellness center services," Hall said. "We're not currently offering them since I don't really have a network set up here, but it's a definite possibility if that's what Saratoga wants in the future."

Hall, who recently moved to the area from California, is in the process of settling into life in Saratoga and re-opening her store on Broadway.

The exotic scent of incense and floral candles along with a stunning array of fine art and wooden crafts make this a new retail destination you'll want to explore this weekend.

Tushita Heaven will be open to the public this Friday, July 1.


PS. I also snapped some very amateur photos of Tushita Heaven's window displays... Just to give you a sneak peek of what's inside.


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