Checking in with Divinyl Revolution

She did it, in case you hadn't heard.

When Last Vestige record store manager Brittany Nasser, 24, heard that the store was to have its final day in 2009, she took the bad news pretty well.

Instead of complying with what would be the loss of Saratoga's only independent record store of its style, Nasser took matters into her own hands.

She put out a call to the community and raised $3,200 at a benefit concert that 200 people attended. The cash helped her buy the business and she reopened in February at the same 437 Broadway location, under the name Divinyl Revolution.

Stop in and check out the changes: Fresh paint, reorganized vinyl, more and varied merchandise -- including hoodies and hats designed by Jeremy Fish, a revamped vintage clothing section by Roxanne Storms, toys, artwork and jewelry. Or check out the store on Facebook.

"I've seen a lot more students and a younger crowd," Nasser said the other day when I stopped by. "It's more of a place centered toward them ... it's more fun."


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