Brooklyn Attitude makes nat'l best salons list

A local hair salon, Brooklyn Attitude Hair & Body, recently made the "Best Beauty Salons in the U.S.A." list, among salons in Seattle, San Francisco and Beverly Hills. To view their listing, scroll down under the location category to Saratoga Springs.

The salon opened in 2003 on Woodlawn Avenue and moved to the Ballston Avenue Price Chopper plaza about a year ago.

Here's a little blurb from owners MaryAnn and Glenn Guerriero regarding their accomplishments:

"No other small business and especially salons have brought as much positive attention to Saratoga Springs since opening our salon in July 2003. By putting Saratoga on the map for hair designing worldwide, Saratoga will benefit from now being known for Horses, History, Health and Hair."

Readers, what do you make of the Guerriero's tongue-in-cheek addition to the city's motto? Is Saratoga Springs a hairstyling capital in the minds of its residents? What about tourists?

Read more Saratogian coverage of Brooklyn Attitude here, here and here.


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