Mineral skin care line new to Malta

Tina-Marie Mott was whipping up not dinners, but skin creams, in her kitchen for years before she decided to market the product. In the last few months, the Malta resident has opened up her natural skin care line, Renewed Body, to the public through her Web site.

“I gave them out as Christmas and birthday gifts to friends and family, and they would always be wanting more,” Mott said. “Once they try it they absolutely love it. It’s real true nourishment for the skin.”

Mott sent her recipes to a manufacturer in Nebraska and negotiated until the cream formulas were just right, she said. Customers order the products on the site and have them shipped directly to their homes.

There’s skin cream, lip balm and anti-aging creams with ingredients such as pharmaceutical-grade Magnesium Sulfate, emu oil and botanicals. Mott said the herbal creams can ease muscle pain while the emu oil is known for its transdermal quality, soothing burns and scars. The mineral-infused products help restore the body’s depleted natural supplies.

Mott, who lives with her thoroughbred horse trainer husband, William, and their three children, says her aim is to donate a percentage of her profits to the Christian charity World Vision once orders start rolling in.

“That’s what inspired me because I really didn’t need to do anything else to fill up my time, but being able to donate money to help children who are hungry is the main thing,” Mott said.


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