Props closing at end of month

One-time business owner Patricia Wizner will close Props, her furniture and home accessories shop, at the end of February, saying she underestimated the investment necessary to sustain a small business.

Wizner began renting the space in the Algonquin building at 514 Broadway in August. She opened in October as the dust of departing summer tourists settled in the city.

“I thought being on Broadway — build it and they will come,” Wizner said. “From day one it was a struggle.”

She said sales didn’t meet expectations for the holidays and, in the end, she could no longer justify the cost of the monthly rent, $2,500.

Props sells new and vintage furniture, lighting, carpeting, artwork and various decorations — items that are set to be liquidated in the next few weeks.

Wizner said selling the business is a possibility. Her goal is to hand over the space as soon as possible and continue working as an interior design assistant from her home. She also plans to get back into renovating houses with her husband.

Props is a couple doors down from 80 West Boutique, the clothing store owned by Barbara Macina. A sign on the door promises it will reopen soon, but its shuttering seems imminent after sitting dark for more than a month.


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