Mare still Mare, managers say

Contrary to plans announced in September, managers of the nightclub at 17 Maple Ave. are not changing the venue’s name to The Metro, but are letting it remain, for now, as Mare Nightclub and Lounge.

Builder Scott Morgan, of Stillwater, said Sunday that he and business partner Fred Sharifipour, of Altamont, plan to buy the business from Chase Petrones LLC. They’ve been leasing the space since last fall.

The front room has been closed for the last few weeks while Morgan and company finish remodeling and painting and swap out the furniture, with an eye on creating a martini lounge-like atmosphere.

During the work, Mare’s dance club and second floor have remained open for partiers. The front room is expected to reopen within a week, Morgan said.

The multi-venue music house, known for its summertime patio crowd, has changed hands and its appearance seemingly every season or two; in previous incarnations it has been called The Metro and Luna Lounge; this summer, as Mare, it was home to the Twilight Grille burger joint.

Morgan acknowledged the venue’s fickle track record and implied it’s something he aims to change.

“This place needs a real identity and it hasn’t had an identity,” he said.

Call 583-6955 or look up Mare Nightclub on Facebook for more information.


Anonymous jc said...

I think changing the name back to The Metro is a great idea. That name is huge for people who have been in this region for more than the past several years. What the heck does Mare mean, anyway, other than a female horse? We already have a long string of lame horse-related business names. Also, if it's too vague they will NOT come.

Monday, February 08, 2010 7:11:00 AM 
Blogger Mareesa said...

jc: I think it's Mare, as in Italian for "sea."

Monday, February 08, 2010 5:35:00 PM 

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