Phila Fusion planned as Sushi Thai sister restaurant

A manager at Sushi Thai Garden says he and his partners expect to open a new restaurant this winter in the recently completed building next door at 54 Phila St.

Called Phila Fusion, the restaurant would feature Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and some Chinese cuisine in a 99-seat space in the grounds floor of the buildings, Sushi Thai manager and co-owner Sam Tongtawee said, earlier this month.

“The idea is that we’re gonna have a fusion food,” Tongtawee said. “We pick everything good from each country and bring it together.”

Sushi Thai currently has two other locations in addition to the Spa City favorite; one is located in Williamstown, Mass., and the newest restaurant is called Sushi Thai at The Park, located at 1707 Route 9 Suite 100 in the Halfmoon Plaza in Clifton Park (348-0100).

Unlike the Sushi Thai triplets, Phila Fusion will feature a full bar with specialty cocktails, Tongtawee said. Presentation of the food and decorations will be a bit more upscale, he added.

Six to 10 new employees are expected to be hired, depending on how business goes.

Look for more details about new tenants at 54 Phila from developer Scot Trifilo, of Terrace Homebuilders, in an upcoming issue of In the Biz.


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