(Young up-and-coming business owners)

I collect a lot of business cards while pounding the pavement for this job, and I've noticed a trend lately: A whole lot of young people are opening up small businesses in Saratoga County.

Of the dozens of business owners I've spoken to in the last few months, at least one third of them are younger than 30. The golden age for opening a business seems to be 26.

Recent statistics show, and the word from authoritative sources is, that economic development in Saratoga Springs has been mostly recession-proof, so the increase of new businesses here isn't surprising.

But explaining the age trend is another story.

One theory is that people in their 20s are finding fewer and fewer jobs to apply for while competition for those jobs has increased rapidly. An obvious solution to that problem is to go into business for oneself.

Here are two recent SUNY Plattsburgh grads who are doing just that:

Justin Cerone (left) and Adam Morrell (right), both 23, have been collaborating on video projects since college, and now they both work as videographers and editors at News Channel 13 in Albany.

On Wednesday, they won a video contest sponsored by CDTA that challenged them to creatively demonstrate "why ride" CDTA buses in two minutes or less. The video is awesome, and it's shot in downtown Saratoga. Check it and the other entries out here and see if you can catch a glimpse of a recognizable building on Broadway toward the end.

Morrell and Cerone were excited about their achievement when we talked earlier today, but the focus of our conversation shifted toward their even more exciting plans: to open DreamBig Media Group, a company that would provide promotional video services to local businesses, in much the same way their "Catch Our Rhythm" video promoted CDTA's bus system.

Don't know where their office is going to be yet, and their Web site is under construction, but I'll post the details when they're available. You can read the whole story in Thursday's paper.

Also, feel free to chime in on why you think so many 20-somethings are breaking into the business world here in upstate New York.


Anonymous Dan said...

One of the reasons I moved here was to be around entrepeneurial minded people, and your entry here confirms that. Thanks for this info I did not realize the average age was so young.

Sunday, August 09, 2009 1:01:00 PM 

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