A dry week for the beat

After a burst of expansions and openings in the last couple months, it seems like there's comparably little happening on the business beat as we head toward track season. Behind the scenes, I know it's a different story as business owners and front-line workers gear up for an influx of visitors to the city.

Here at the Saratogian, the phone hasn't stopped ringing and we're getting ready for what's bound to be an exciting six weeks of reporting (by both the sports and news departments) from the track.

To tide you over, here's a few biz beat happenings:

Back down to four

The Subway on Broadway closed. Head up to the new South Broadway location if you're
in the downtown area and hankering for a footlong.
Check back soon for info on what's next for that space.

Mortgage broker teams up with American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is getting a boost from a local man who’s combining business with charity. Brent Coye, a senior mortgage broker at Safe Harbor Capital Group LLC, has designed an Affinity Plus Program that gives re-financers a deal while contributing to cancer research. Coye waives the closing costs related to a loan or refinancing agreement and then makes a donation to the American Cancer Society when the loan closes. The donation depends on the amount of the loan.
“People are looking to save with the refinance boom — we looked at it as a two-fer,” Coye said, “a way we can connect with the ACS and help people.”
Coye said the idea stemmed from Safe Harbor employees who had seen the devastating effects of cancer up close, in the lives of friends and relatives. Helping others who struggle with the disease is important, Coye said, especially when times are tough for many families in the area.
The program has raised thousands of dollars for the ACS since it began in March.
The affinity program is available in New York and Connecticut. For more information and to find out who is eligible for the program, call (631) 776-7500, ext. 22.

Spa Fine Art gallery opens on Broadway

Spa Fine Art joins the downtown arts scene at 376 Broadway. The gallery opened earlier this month after being converted from the former Stacey’s souvenir shop.
Spa Fine Art store director Cynthia Bradford said the gallery completes a triangle of stores, with the other two locations, both called Sheldon Fine Art, located in Naples, Fla., and Newport, R.I.
The art at the Broadway location comes from a variety of national artists. Sculpture, jewelry and prints of polo horses share the space with classic landscapes, still lifes, animals and ballerinas.
“There’s a lot of events (in Saratoga) that we thought would match up with our stable of artists,” Bradford said. She plans to display different art depending on the season to cater to those interested in racing, the New York City Ballet, the Philadelphia Orchestra and other Saratoga staples.
The gallery is open year-round from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, with extended hours once racing season begins. For more information, call the store at 587-2411.


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