Chips on shelves; McMurry No. 5

Saratoga Salsa and Spice Co. markets Saratoga potato chip

Just in time for summer cookouts, the legendary Saratoga potato chip is showing up on more store shelves downtown. As the story goes, the favorite fried snack of many Americans was created right here in Saratoga Springs by local chef George Crum in 1853.
Saratoga Salsa and Spice Company (398 Broadway) began selling the chips last fall and this summer teamed up with downtown businesses to market them more widely. Owner John Knotek said the chips hit shelves at Putnam Market and Impressions of Saratoga in the last few weeks.
“Our goal was to create a chip that honors … its birthplace in Saratoga and its impact across the country,” Knotek said.
Knotek and business partner Rick Monaco plan to expand distribution through the area and beyond Saratoga Springs, and eventually move production of the handmade chips from a “top secret location” to a local site. They’re also in the process of creating packaging that will show off the Saratoga chip’s unique history and plan new flavors to complement the store’s selection of salsas, rubs and hot sauces.
It could be that Spa City’s in for some potato chips with attitude.

McMurry ranks No. 5 in America's Best Places to Work

McMurry, a marketing communications firm with locations on High Rock Avenue and in Arizona, was recently named No. 5 out of 50 “Best Small and Medium Companies to Work For in America” by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Great Place to Work Institute.
“It’s very exciting. It’s something that the staff takes a lot of pride in,” said Luke Meyers, a strategic communications specialist who works in the Saratoga office.
Meyers said 37 employees were polled last October and asked a variety of questions on their interactions with coworkers, management and office culture. It’s the fifth year McMurry was named among the top 10 on the list, and the second year in a row it was named No. 5.
“There’s not much hierarchy,” Meyers said, explaining what makes the company stand out among others in the U.S. “Everyone works very closely … we have a lot of fun, we do group outings.”
Founded in 1984, the McMurry company does custom media, content design, editorial and interactive design online for clients in the financial services and health care industries.


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