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Update: Check out Andrew Bernstein's take on the Chip Wars, as we've dubbed last week's fried snack food drama. It seems that Danny got more publicity than he bargained for when he stopped by the office hawking his potato chips last week.

Not one, but two local business owners are selling their versions of the "original" Saratoga potato chip, invented here (as legend has it) in the Spa City by George Crum in 1853.

Danny Jameson of Saratoga Specialties Company, and John Knotek, owner of the Saratoga Salsa and Spice Company, both recently alerted me to their newish products, which are sitting side by side on shelves at Impressions of Saratoga (among other stores).

Saratoga Specialties Company began marketing Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips this month, which come in a groovy box -- a rendering of the actual historical box that exists at the Saratoga Springs History Museum, Jameson said.

Here's a segment from the press release:

Saratoga Specialties Company now has future plans on opening a fully operational combined manufacturing and warehousing facility in the area that will bring manufacturing and delivery jobs to the region. Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips are available for purchase at area Hannaford’s, EBI Beverage, Minogue’s Beverage, Impressions of Saratoga, Compliments to the Chef, Roma’s, Mango’s Deli, The Candy Company, Saratoga Springs History Museum, National Racing Museum and many other specialty stores throughout the Capital District.

As I reported here and in Monday's paper, The Salsa and Spice Company has been selling its version of the Saratoga Potato Chip since last fall. They come in 3 ounce paper bags with a sticker label. (Photo coming soon). Knotek said he's in the process of creating packaging that will show off the historical aspect of the product and is looking to market them widely in Saratoga and beyond. Currently, they're selling at Impressions, Putnam Market and the S&S Co. on Broadway. Some salsa and spice infused chips could soon be on the way. Yum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It amazes me that area restaurants are selling "Saratoga Chips" at all. They are a frozen sliced potato available from Sysco and/or US Foods that cost about 30 cents a portion and are sold for $8 and up.

There is no "real" Saratoga Chip manufacturer. As far as I have ever been able to tell, there is also no set creator, and no time or date of this creation taking place, unlike the "Buffalo Wing" which can be traced back to its creation.

Shame on restaurants for selling a potato for $8 in this or any economy. If I saw that on a menu, I would simply stand up and leave.

The best potato chips, hands down, are Archer Farms, available at Target. $2.50 per bag.

Thursday, July 16, 2009 9:57:00 AM 

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