A carrot for your thoughts?

Apparently, I have a new four-legged friend at the track.

Although I've spent considerable time there lately in my first summer season as a Saratogian reporter, I have yet to meet her.

I'm not talking about the two shaggy Labradors I saw last Sunday at the Open House Pet Walk, or the statuette Rachel Alexandra, who rode atop second-place winner Melissa Schaefer's straw hat yesterday during the Hat Contest.

No, I am talking about Miss Matzo, a 2-year-old filly living at Saratoga Race Course. She tells me, via e-mail, that she is owned by Cathy and Elliott Masie and lives in Seth Benzel's barns at the track.

She says:

You know, there are over 1,900 of us horses here in Saratoga for the meet ...
We have a few perspectives ...
* We love Saratoga. The air, the fans and the track surface.
* We are all business horses. In other words, there is a business perspective to how we conduct ourselves at the track.
* And, we have an interesting life ...

Hmm ... I'm thinking Miss M. would make a good 5W candidate. Any thoughts on what to ask?

She is also probably the most technologically advanced horse in Saratoga, but that's not surprising, considering who her owners are. Keep up with her "thoughts" on life at the track on Twitter: missmatzo.

Equine fans might also enjoy this .

That's all for now ... I'm headed back to the track to brush up on that oxymoron of oxymorons: journalist math.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you ask Miss Matzo if she gets bored in the stalls all day? And, do the horses talk English or Spanish?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 7:17:00 AM 

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