Local eateries bust up two corporate chains

Boca Viva to open on Broadway

Taking the place of the former Subway at 458 Broadway is a new café for the health conscious.
Boca Viva owner Sandro Ribeiro opened the first business of its kind, a seasonal sandwich and coffee shop in Lake George, in May. Now he’s expanding into Saratoga with a year-round operation that will offer fresh-baked bread, locally grown food and organic coffee imported from his property in Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state.
The family-oriented restaurant is currently undergoing a color transformation and the installation of a coffee “tower,” a state-of-the-art machine that will serve up Nespresso drinks. Wireless internet, new seating for about 20 people and art-adorned walls will beckon to those who like to relax over a cup of coffee or a simple, freshly prepared meal, Ribeiro said.
“I like to make them something special and see them leave here very happy,” he said.
Boca Viva (or “mouth life” in Portuguese) is expected to open within a week.

Doc's takes on tacos

An alleyway taco stand is doing its part to foster friendly competition among late-night eateries, including the “fourth-meal” giant, Taco Bell.
Doc’s Steakhouse general manager Dean Holtby said he “just wanted to offer something different” on Putnam Street during the summer season, so he turned some extra space in the back of the restaurant — formerly used as a delivery truck garage — to open Doco’s Tacos.
The hole-in-the-wall stand faces Putnam Den in the Diamond Brady Plaza and is open from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. Wednesday to Saturday.
Authentic tacos and burritos are made to order, Holtby said. Some specialties coming from the kitchen shared with the steakhouse are cilantro lime cabbage salsa and homemade chips.
“This is something that I think was lacking in town,” he said.
But will Doco’s outlive the summer?
“It might break off into its own entity,” Holtby said, adding that his plans are dependent on what this season brings. “We’ll stay as long as the weather will cooperate.”


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