Piper's Dojo opens in downtown Albany

Albany's 11 North Pearl St. welcomes Piper's Dojo, an advocate and provider of bagpipe education, products, and supplies, to the building's fourteenth floor. Founder and CEO Andrew Douglas has over twenty years experience playing bagpipe music and chose the company's new office space for its ideal location within downtown Albany.

Douglas begins each day by teaching an online piping class, and then shares the rest of the company's various daily tasks with his business partner Carl Donley, who occupies an adjoining suite. The company is growing every year, Douglas said, despite the challenges that come with targeting such a specialized market.

Piper's Dojo is as much a bagpipe education and media resource as a supplier of the instruments themselves, and everything piping related.

The company has also developed Dojo University, a cutting-edge virtual learning experience that is accessible to any piper with an Internet connection, beginners and experts alike. In-person and remote lessons are also offered. Wherever the classroom and by whatever the means, Dojo University is committed to the exploration of oneself, and helping people realize that bagpipes are a true extension of this self.

For more information about Piper's Dojo and Dojo University please visit


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