Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association elects officers and board members

Saratoga Springs>> The Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association Annual Meeting was held Wednesday, March 18, 6:30 p.m. at Lillian’s Restaurant, 408 Broadway.
The Downtown Business Association membership present at the DBA March Annual Meeting unanimously elected officers and board members as presented on the slate.
Officers elected to a 2 year term are President:  Tim Holmes, Wheatfields ; Vice President: Maddy Zanetti, Impressions of Saratoga; Treasurer: Rich Richbart, Spa.Net and Secretary:  Joyce Ure, Cudney’s Cleaners.
Board members elected to a two-year term are Michael Connell, Mountainman Outdoor Supply Co.; Linda Johansen, Adirondack Trust Co. and Richard Mullaney, Mullaney Law Firm
Board Members elected for a special one-year term are Linda Ambrosino, G. Willikers; Clark Brink, McDonald’s of South Broadway; Kirstin DrabekSkidmore College Community Relations (non-voting) and Matt McCabe, Saratoga Guitar.
Board members serving one more year in their term are Fran Dingeman, Network Saratoga; Paul O’Donnell, Celtic Treasures; Pam Worth, Spoken and Heidi Owen-West, Lifestyles.
The Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association thanks these individuals for their dedication and volunteerism to the organization.  


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