Martin, Harding & Mazzotti offering opportunity for other organizations to partner in free cab ride home program

Initiative Offers Communities a Safe Alternative to Drinking and Driving 
on Major Holidays
November 19, 2014—For more than a decade, the law firm of Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP® has offered the successful Free Cab Ride Home program during holiday times –where those who may have had too much to drink can call a designated number for a free cab ride home –in order to help reduce drinking and driving. This service, offered in the Capital District, Amsterdam, and Utica, New York areas; Burlington, Vermont and Springfield, Massachusetts has provided several thousand safe rides home since its onset, and will continue in an effort to keep communities safe on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and New Years’ Eve, among other times throughout the year.

For the second year, Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP® has extended the opportunity for community businesses to join their Free Cab Ride Home Partner Program. In addition to being a part of the local community program, an added benefit is that there is no cost to join the firm in helping to save lives. [more]

Full press release attached.


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