Men have new shopping option in Collar City

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New 16 First St.shop Enigma Co. proudly focuses on the men of the Capital District, bringing a variety of goods that are specifically catered to the everyday man.

Enigma Co. is a boutique for men that brings to the market what men haven't been able to find locally, from quality and designer socks and underwear all the way to casual business attire.

Owner Jonathan Michael Brust, 24, said his mission is refining the everyday man. The shop carries clothing and products to outfit a man from head to toe including razors and skin care products.
A Rensselaer County native, Brust first got idea with friends while living in Albany. After a night with male friends, they realized something. “As guys, we kind of get the short end of the stick in our area,” Brust explained. Shopping isn’t the same for men as it is for ladies in the Capital Region. “We don't have the ability to explore our fashion sense and that feel-good factor that women have.”   

On why he chose to open in the Collar City, “Troy has this historic value and this sense of community and it’s just beautiful,” Brust said. “It’s great community.”

The shop, which has been open for about a month, is having a ribbon cutting and grand opening tomorrow, coinciding with Troy Night Out. Special tastings will be available for guests.
In addition to products geared towards men, Brust hopes to add a lineup of seminars, classes, and events such as a shaving seminar to teach men the proper way to use the razors that Enigma Co. carries.  

Ultimately, “We really just want to create a shopping destination where it’s not just about shopping, Brust said. “We want it to be a place when men can go and explore themselves.”  

For more information visit www.theenigmaco.com or call 308-8422.


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