Saratoga Olive Oil Co. celebrates second anniversary with exchange event

Join Saratoga Olive Oil Co. in an extra virgin exchange to celebrate its second anniversary in Saratoga Springs and its first anniversary in Burlington, Vt.

The company asks shoppers: Do you have Bertolli, Carapelli or Colavita olive oil in your kitchen cabinet? Now is the time to switch them out for real extra virgin olive oil. Say good-bye to your old, adulterated, mass-produced oils, and trade them in for oils that help prevent heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer.

Saturday, April 27, you can receive 50 percent off 375mL bottles of the company’s award-winning varietal extra virgin when you turn in a bottle of inferior oil. Limit one per customer.

Also, the company’s prize wheel is back! With purchase of a six-pack of oil, get a chance to spin the prize wheel. Free tastings all day every day!


Saratoga Olive Oil


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