Capital Region gets its first certified professional lice removal service

Miracles on Lice, a new family-owned and -operated lice removal business offers home-based salons in Mechanicville and Ballston Lake. The company focuses on eliminating lice while educating the Capital Region on the use of safe products combined with the most effective treatment methods for maximum treatment results. Employees called Miracles on Lice Angels are professionally trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand removal, the most thorough procedure available to remove lice. Lice Angels will set every client at ease as they walk each through the treatment procedure, answering any questions. 

According to the company, lice infestation is a trying problem and quickly becomes a costly, time-consuming procedure for families to tackle independently. Children who become infested often miss school, and parents may miss work while treating the issue. Statistics show 85 percent of parents can’t eliminate the pests because lice are showing increased resistance to over-the-counter products and prescription medicines. Many of these products contain pesticides, which can also be dangerous if not used properly. Miracles On Lice provides parents with safe alternatives, letting them get their lives back to normal and children back in school within 24 hours of being treated.
The company is successful because its team believes it is important to take the time to do things right. Never rushing the process, staff members examine paper-thin sections of hair, making sure to examine each and every strand as well as the entire scalp. They believe in treating once and incorporating follow-up visits to ensure their customers are lice- and nit-free. 

Miracles on Lice also conducts educational presentations, as well as head checks for schools, daycares and summer camps.

To read a recent testimonial, and learn more about Miracles on Lice and its services, call 937-0688 or visit miraclesonlice.com.



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